Indo-Vietnam Medical Board is a Joint Venture of Vietnam Book of Records and India Book of Records. The  Indo-Vietnam medical Board was formed with an objective  to  promote and  encourage Whole Food Plant Based  diet to prevent and cure Lifestyle Diseases like Heart Diseases , Diabetes, High B.P, Thyroid, Obesity etc. Exposing medical corruption and frauds committed by pharmaceutical industry is also its top most priority. Indo-Vietnam Medical Board is an attempt to bring like minded doctors from all over the world under one roof and work in unison to serve the society at large based on its philosophy of curing Lifestyle diseases through Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Its advisory board comprises of world renowned doctors who have made a mark in their own field of expertise. Some of them are Dr John Mcdougall (USA), Dr Leonard Horowitz (USA),  Dr. Giang Phung Tuan (Vietnam), Dr Hoang Hiep |(Vietnam), Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury (India), Dr B. B Goel (India), Dr Ritu Nanda (India) .

Besides providing expert advice from doctors on lifestyle diseases, Indo-Vietnam Medical Board also seeks information from Investigative Health Journalists like Jon Rappoport who are working to expose medical corruption and medical frauds.