Articles Posted March 2013

  • Elan Pharmaceuticals Pleads Guilty, Sentenced for Off-Label Marketing of Zonegran

    Elan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EPI), a subsidiary of the Irish pharmaceutical manufacturer Elan Corporation, PLC (Elan), pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor violation of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act for the illegal promotion of the epilepsy drug Zonegran. Elan was also sentenced to pay a criminal fine of $97 million and forfeit $3.6 million in […]

  • Healthy Lifestyle Leads To ‘Healthier Hormones’

    Overweight people live a dangerous life: Epidemiologists estimate that about 80 percent of the most common diseases are linked to severe overweight and obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Obese people are at an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. This lowers their life expectancy. Weight loss and physical activity help […]

  • Processed Meat Increases Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease & Early Death

      Processed meat is now linked to cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to a new, large scale study published in the journal BMC Medicine. It is often tough to calculate the effect of eating meat on health because of the confounding effect lifestyle has on health. Generally, vegetarians have healthier lifestyles than the rest of […]