Longest viaduct with highway flyover and metro rail supported on single column piers

Nagpur Metro Rail Celebrates Environment Day by achieving a technically wonderous feat that was acknowledged and applauded by the Asia Book of Records. None other than the Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari himself had graced the ceremony that indicated the uniqueness and technologically advanced set of projects that were commended and encouraged by the Minister. Shri Gadkari honored the Maha Metro Projects of Maximum Metro Stations Constructed on Double Decker Viaduct. The second project was Longest Viaduct With Highway Flyover And Metro Rail Supported On Single Column Pier, which was also lauded with the certificates provided by Asia Book of Records in a grand ceremony organized by Nagpur Metro Rail.

Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited set the record for the Longest Viaduct with Highway Flyover and Metro Rail Supported on Single Column Piers at the Nagpur Metro Rail Project, Maharashtra, India. The National Highway Flyover and Metro Rail System were integrated to form Double Decker viaducts and the section runs for 3.14 km on Wardha Road having three metro stations respectively. The viaduct was opened for Metro Rail traffic on March 05, 2019 and for Highway traffic on November 13, 2020 as confirmed on June 20, 2022.