1. ‘Asia Book of Records’ accepts records from the people of Asian and World regions. Anyone can apply in ‘Asia Book of Records’ however in case of minors they need to seek written permission from their guardians.
  2. The form should be filled appropriately with accuracy. Only fully completed form will be considered valid. If the documentation along with the form provided by you is not filled with lucidity or it is incomplete your claim may be rejected.
  3. If you want to give additional details, You can write it on separate sheet of paper and attach it with the application form.
  4. Signed statements of authentication by two Independent persons who have attended the event and can confirm all details of the claim or a statement authenticated by notary public can be submitted.
  5. In case of any team/company record anyone who is nominated by team/company can go ahead and sign the documents on behalf of the team/company
  6. Only original copies of newspaper clipping, video, photographs, log book, and official certificates will be accepted. For documents like driving license, pan card, duly attested copies should be submitted.
  7. While attempting for a national or world record, the following guidelines should be followed: -1. Presence of Asia book of record’s representative is not mandatory to break/make a record. However, the attempt has to made in presence of someone having standing in society like a District magistrate or a School Principal or a Gazetted Officer.
  8. For record attempt in specialized field, at least one of the witnesses should be an expert in that specific field. For Example, a renowned mathematician or a math’s teacher for a record related to mental category in mathematics.
  9. We may be unable to confirm your record’s status as until satisfied that we can use the materials you have submitted in support of your Record Attempt in any media without further reference to you or any third party.
  10.  Asia Book of Records will not accept responsibility for the safety of participants or by standers in any record attempt. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all necessary safety precautions are in place and that all equipment used are suitable and thoroughly checked prior to the record attempt to take place and in compliance with any and all local health and safety laws and regulation.
  11. Visit our website www.asiabookofrecords.com or contact ‘Asia Book of Records’ for the Guidelines related to record you want to attempt, before you start training yourself, so that you can be sure that you are moving in the right direction.
  12. You may attempt the record in public place and also invite the local media people for the converge, which could be a part of the authentication of achieving record.
  13. ‘Asia Book of Records’ will be under no obligation to return evidence supporting materials to you in any circumstances
  14. The panel of judges/ evaluator’s decision will be final and no clarifications/complaints on the judgment will be accepted.
  15. No entries will be considered after the ‘closing date’ (visit our website for more details)