invite a Judge

If you wish to get your record verified on the spot, you can invite a Judge from the Asia Book of Records in your record-breaking/making attempts. It will include some costs, which will be based; on the distance of the record-making location and the duration of record-making/ breaking activity.

What type of facilities will be at your disposal after getting this service

  • Advice on the types of records which, can be attempted
  • PR support with coverage in National/state print or electronic media. (Facility available without adjudication package also).
  • Internal application process
  • Certificate on the spot if the record attempt is successful and up to 10 additional certificates
  • License, for the usage of the Asia Book of Records logo; for creating awareness about your record attempt for up to 3 weeks on leaflets, pamphlets, your website, newspaper. Your record-breaking/making event will be, featured on our website
  • Announcement of the successful record by the judge
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Rules and Regulations:

  • To seek our renowned judges, contact us at least 15 days before your attempt
  • Details about the record must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the record attempt
  • Asia Book of Records Judge will provide an on-the-spot provisional certificate. The final certificate will be dispatched within 15 days of the record attempt
  • The certificate will be issued on-the-spot only if the record-breaking attempt’ is successful
  • In the case of the group, invite a Judge form needs to be filled by the organizer
  • To facilitate the adjudication service, the parent/guardian (in the case of a minor) needs to fill the adjudication service form