Maximum Bilingual books written by a teen

Kaushik Kumar Hota (born on September 5, 2005) of Odisha, India, set a record for writing the maximum number of bilingual books. He wrote 3 books titled ‘Tiki Tara’ (ISBN: 978-93-54194-89-4), which is an anthology of poems for children and youth; Barenya Baraputra (ISBN: 978-93-56073-01-2), in Odia, is a collection of the struggle stories of great leaders; and ‘The Messenger of God’ (ISBN: 978-93-56078-82-6), is a collection of poems, stories and essays in English language. All the three books are written at the age of 16 years, 8 months and 28 days, as confirmed on June 6, 2022.