Monumental AchiEvements unveiled in Vietnam

Grand Reunion of World Record Presidents in Vietnam

A momentous event of unparalleled magnitude unfolded in Vietnam as the esteemed presidents of two world record organizations, the World Records Union (WorldKings) and the World Records Association (WRA), convened for a remarkable reunion. This grand gathering, hosted by the Vietnamese Recorders, showcased an array of activities all geared towards the common objective of “Together with the community of Vietnamese record holders to promote trade and sales to the world,” and commemorated exceptional records.

The meeting took place on May 20 in Ho Chi Minh City, themed “Enough sunshine to bloom – Enough vision to see opportunities,” commemorating the Vietnam Record Association’s 10th anniversary (2013 – 2023). Thang Van Phuc, the Central Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association, expressed gratitude, stating, “The establishment of the Record Association in 2013 fulfilled the aspirations of Vietnamese record holders nationwide.”

Vietkings, the Vietnam Record Organization founded in 2004, has tirelessly discovered and recognized records, bringing Vietnamese excellence to the world and embracing global achievements in Vietnam. Presently, Vietkings holds an astounding 2,980 Vietnamese records, including 85 world records and 106 Asian records.

During the reunion, various accolades were presented, including the Gold Disc of Creativity and Dedication by the World Records Institute, Honorary Doctorates from the World Records University, and recognition of world and Asian records. The event also celebrated the Top 100 100-year-old units operating in Vietnam and fostered trade promotion agreements among record holders.

Significantly, the Vietnam Record Association and the Vietnam Record Organization now serve as the exclusive unit for nominating world records in Vietnam to the WRA, forging a strategic alliance between two prominent record organizations and expanding global recognition of Vietnamese achievements.

In an awe-inspiring display of reverence, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, the illustrious General Director of the Asian Records Organization, on behalf of WorldKings, bestowed certificates of merit upon the esteemed senior leaders of the Central Association of Vietnamese Records, including Nam and the Vietnam Record organization.

This grand reunion was a testament to the immense value and magnitude of the record-holding community, showcasing the remarkable accomplishments and fostering international cooperation, propelling Vietnamese records to global prominence.

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