Content is the king everywhere, whether in films or in general life. We are living in the most present times of content-driven films. Audiences don’t just want commercial, masala films, but the ones with some strong message, story in them and the like. However, if a plot, story, content of a film is good, no one can stop it from being readily accepted by audiences alike both nationally as well as internationally, sometimes. All of the above comes to the single conclusion that it is writing, scripting which decides a success of a film project, even before it hits theatres, screens.

Vishwaguru (Malayalam) directed and written by Vijeesh Mani in Trivandrum Kerala became the Fastest Film to be produced in the 48hrs, from 27th December to 29th December 2017, Script to Screen. The film is produced by A.V.Anoop and cinematographed by Lokanathan Sreenivasan.