About Us

Deep down in our heart we have a very strong believe that we all are born special. Each one of us has at least one unique quality or a skill which makes us different from rest of the world. We all are born with a purpose to contribute something unique to the world through our uniqueness, through our hidden potential. Asia Book of Records is a platform for all Asians to showcase their unique talent and inspire the world to go one step further as we all are limited by our imagination. Asia Book of Records is an organization started by group of world records holders to help themselves and the people around them to expand their imagination as in history there are enough examples. In early 19th century it was believed that the human skeleton and the large capacity is designed by the nature in such a way that scientifically, it is not possible to run 1 mile in less than 4 minutes until in 1954. Roger banister broke the 4 minutes barrier by running a mile in 3 min and 59.4 sec. surprisingly within few months; many more were able to break that barrier. It’s now scientifically known that man can expand his limit by being aware of other people’s achievements.

Asia Book of Records is a platform to register your outstanding achievement for the world to see and get inspiration from.