• Invitation for Record Holders

    We at ‘INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS’ are dedicated to identify the excellence and to honor the most deserving ones, while maintaining the highest level of transparency and executing it with the most fair processing. Congratulations! You are chosen in top 100 record holders and are cordially invited along with your friends and family members in […]



    Maa Amba Sewa Camp, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, created largest(54ft) incense stick 'Agarbatti' with 3.5ft diameter by using charcoal and bamboo, at Arasuri Anmbaji Mandir, Banaskantha, Gujarat, on October 17, 2015.



    The records for the most number (256) of elephants in a parade and highest amount (67,650kg) of fruits’ feed served to elephants were achieved by Surin Provincial Administrative Organization, on November 20, 2015 at, The Monument of Phaya Surin Phakdi Si Narong Changwang, Surin, Thailand.

  • Asia Book of Records

    Asia Book of Records collaborated with Vietnam Book Centre

    On October 30, 2011, Asia Book of Records collaborated with Vietnam Book Centre at  HCMC in Vietnam. The collaboration will include record search from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. On this occasion, editoring Chief of Asia Book of Records center gives the certificate for Le Tran Troung An- general director of Vietkings.

  • upcoming events

    Most Oddisi Dancers on a single stage

      The Fourth International Odissi Festival in December 2011 will feature a unique event where 3,000 Odissi dancers will perform simultaneously. The Oddisa culture department, India along with Washington-based Indian Performing Arts Promotion (IPAP) Inc.

  • Make a Record – Online application form

  • List of documents required to process your record

    Completed your record attempt successfully? Congratulations ! Once you have set the record you need to send us the following documents so that we can process your claim and verify it without any delay: 1. The name of the person attempting the record should be given, along with the date and place of record attempt. 2. In case of a […]

  • Asia Book of Records

    On the spot certificate

      If you wish to get your record verified on spot you can invite a Judge from Asia Book of Records in your record breaking/making  attempt . It will include some cost. Which will be decided according to the distance of the record making location and the duration of record making/ breaking activity. What type of facilities, […]